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Historic renovations

Attention to historic detail is important during renovations.  We have great experience working with the Historic District Landmark Commission (HDLC), State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and  National Park Services (NPS). Welty Architecture also uses 3D laser scanning to ensure accurate exsiting conditions. 



With over 15 years of commercial designing experience and projects ranging from 1 million to 25 million Welty Architecture will guide your project from schematic design to project completion. 

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From remodeling to new construction,    we design comfortable and functional homes using exciting design options
to meet your needs. 

Upscale condominiums designed with twenties modern flare.


Located in the heart of the CBD, 419 Carondelet includes 3 retail spaces and 16 condominiums. Each space is designed with clean twenties modern details, art deco inspired finishes and modern floorplans.  The challenge for this project was to highlight 1920's architecture with the luxurys of today. 

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Historic Buick dealership revs up warehouse district living...


First constructed in 1916 as an automobile showroom, Motorworks provides comfortable living using many auto showroom aspects.  The building's elevators are sizable and were used to bring cars between the showroom floor and the maintenance floor. Old gears are incorporated as art pieces for the building.  The exterior highlights an embossed tire with wings which welcomes you and large windows brings in natural light throughout the apartments. The sleek interior design creates clean, modern spaces and balconies offer residents wide views of the city. 


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Completed while at HMS

Hahnville High School Classroom Wing Addition


This two story, 36,632sq.ft, 21 classroom building completes the Hahnville High School's quad campus. The challenge for this project was site space.  The result is a unique design that is constructed over a retainage pond.  This project enhances the continuation of the growing student body. 




6721 St. Claude Avenue Redevelopment brought a new outlook for the needs of the area.  Retail, restaurant and grocer spaces were design along with an outdoor public area totaling 9 spaces. The goal of this project was to create a functional and customer convenient development. 

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Annunciation Street, New Orleans

Annunciation Street, New Orleans

Lounge Area

Lounge Area

Outdoor Projector Area

Outdoor Projector Area

Annunciation Wall
3d Modeling

3d Modeling

Finished project

Finished project

Restaurant Redevelopment

Located in the heart of Harahan, SMOKED restaurant redevelopment packs design and function along with warm details.  This project made use of every bit of space with clean lines and just enough BBQ flare.  

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Schematic Design Rendering

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Residential New Construction and Remodeling


Residential projects comes in every shape, size and time frame. Welty Architecture knows the process and has the experience to guide you beginning with schematic design through construction.  Welty Architecture uses 3D renderings which help clients visualize scale, perspective, lighting and function of their project.  These renderings also help communicate any additional needs and/or changes. 

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